External Financing of Azerbaijani Agriculture

Sugra Ingilab Gumbatova, Natig Qadim Hajiyev


The article investigates formation and normal activity of human capital which performs main resource of modern economic development and influence of external financing in the field of food security, which acts as the main part of economy of Azerbaijan that newly got independence. Roles of subsidy, microfinancing and loans were examined. It is confirmed Ntional Fund for Entrepreneurship Support (NFES) of the Republic that allocated the agricultural sector production and processing of loans, provision of bank loans to the agricultural sector. Under the influence of the economic performance of the agricultural sector development trends of the loan were based on the economic and mathematical models and charts were drawn. By the time forecasts were prepared it became clear that loans, especially state finance support depend on oil sphere.


Subsidy, microfinancing, loans, JEL Classification: Q14, Q18, D29.

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