The Maintenance Management of Broiler Chicken in Achieving Ideal Body Weight (Case Study in RRMC "Rurel Rearing Multivication Center " Puubunga, Indonesia)

Rin Orin Ningrum


The broiler chicken farm at RRMC has good maintenance management and feeding procedures. The productivity level of the livestock had been achieved and it meets the standard market weight of 2 kg for one maintenance period of 35 days. The shape of the coop in the RRMC is a semi-monitor whose coop location faces the rising sun, so the chicken can get direct morning sunlight. Preparation of the coop at the time of DOC comes is very important because the coop should be sterile from various seeds of disease. Whether it comes from fungi, viruses, bacteria and protozoa. In addition, during maintenance, employees must be diligent in controlling the existing chicken in the coop and see the condition of feed and drink that must be given ad libitum in order to produce the ideal body weight according to the wishes of the entrepreneur and its customers. The results of the research, it can be concluded that maintenance management in RRMC very clear and in accordance with existing procedures, whether it is feeding, handling of diseases affected by disease, vaccine and drugs.


broiler chicken; weights; maintenance management

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