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Dengue virus is a virus that causes dengue fever disease (DFD), dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) and dengue shock syndrome (DSS). The disease is included in the status of outbreaks in Benjamin Guluh Hospital District. Kolaka. The entry of the disease in outbreaks status then there are many cases / patients treated every year even every month. Symptoms of a patient diagnosed with disease caused by dengue virus tend to be similar. Case Based Reasoning (CBR) is one method that is capable for reasoning or solving problems on a case that has existed as a solution to a new problem. The system built in this research is the CBR system for the diagnosis of the disease caused by the dengue virus. The process of diagnosis which include new issues compared with the case of long ago calculated similarity value. This study used a Bayesian model for the process of indexing and Nearest neighbor to the similarity.Tests using 54 cases as test data randomly and 85 cases are used as the base case. Scenario testing is done without the use of indexing (Nearest Neighbor) and indexing (Bayesian model). The result by using a Bayesian model of value sensitivity 88.89 % and 95.56 % accuracy andresult by using a Nearest Neigbord of value sensitivity 98.14 % and 99.25 %.


case based reasoning; Bayesian model; nearest neighbor; virus dengue

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