Sufri Mashuri, N. Nasruddin, R. Rustam


The purpose of community service activities is (1) to help the poor in terms of minimizing the cost of electricity payment every month; (2) train partner skills to utilize waste plastic bottles into environmentally friendly solar-powered plastic bottle bulbs; (3) become a source of income for partners by producing solar plastic bottle lamp to be marketed. While the tools and materials needed in community service are mineral water bottles, metal plates commonly used for roof (zinc), silicone glue or heat and weatherproof glue, clothing bleach, and mineral water. The methods used in achieving the goals of community service are (1) determining the number of poor communities as participants in the socialization and training of solar plastic bottle lamps; (2) providing socialization and training of solar plastic bottle holder, and (3) giving opportunity to the target participants for the installation of solar plastic bottle lamps to install solar plastic bottle lamps in each home accompanied by the implementing team. The results achieved from the community service of solar plastic bottle lamp is the participants get clear and whole information about the benefits of using solar plastic bottle lamps in terms of knowledge and skills. In terms of implementation in the field, participants who became the target of plastic bottle lamp installation was pleased with the existence of these plastic bottle lamps, because in the daytime they no longer need to turn on the electric light to illuminate the dark room in the house.  


plastic bottle lamp, solar power, energy saving

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