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The dimension of the metric of a graph is one of the studies in graph theory that can be quite a lot of attention lately. Suppose that the connected graph (G = V, E) is a graph with finite point set V (G) and the set of side E (G). The distance between two different points is the length of the shortest path between the two points in G, denoted by d (u, v). Suppose 𝑊 = (the set of dots on the graph G whose members have been determined) Representation of points u, for each ∈ 𝑉 (𝐺) to W denoted 𝑟 (𝑢 | 𝑊) in G is (𝑢 | 𝑊) = (𝑑 (𝑢,, 𝑑 (𝑢,, 𝑑 (𝑢,, ⋯, 𝑑 (𝑢,.) The set W is called the set of distinctions In G if for every u, v on G and ≠ 𝑣 𝑣 result in 𝑟 (𝑢 | 𝑊) 𝑟 𝑟 (𝑣 | 𝑊). The dimension of the metric in G, denoted by, is the minimum cardinality of all set of schemas in G.


metric dimension, circulant graph

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