Sri Hardianti Rosadi(1*), Fitry Purnamasari(2), Hasnah Hasnah(3),

(1) Puangrimaggalatung University
(*) Corresponding Author


This study aims analyzing supplay chain maps and activities in the cayenne pepper in South Sulawesi. This research was conducted in EnrekangRegency with the number of respondents as many as 5 farmers and traders. This study uses the is qualitative research with naturalistic research methods which are natural research. The results showed that Supply chain mechanism for cayenne pepper in South Sulawesi, starting from the flow of products from farmers, village collectors, wholesalers, inter-island traders to retailers. The flow of information on the supply chain of cayenne pepper is well integrated between actors in the supply chain, while the flow of money occurs in accordance with the agreement of actors in the supply chain. And Supply chain activities consist of two actors in the supply chain, namely the main and supporting actors. The main actors consist of farmers, village collectors, wholesalers, inter-city traders and retailers. Meanwhile, the supporting actors consist of agricultural extension agents, farmer groups, the Agriculture Service, Agribusiness Sub-Terminal, farmer shops, farm laborers, inter-island traders, and consumers.


Cayenne Pepper, Supplay Chain, Farmers, Traders, Consumen

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